Dithoriso Lwate

Contribution to Children, World Peace and/or Human Rights

Ms Lwate is a caregiver from Tshwane who grew up in a shelter with no knowledge of her own biological parents. After living in an orphanage until the age of 20, 

Dithoriso had also spent a number of years living on the streets. Having assimilated full well how destructive and challenging life can be on the streets and growing up in utter abandonment by her parents, she started Morena Children’s Village with the aim and purpose to provide vulnerable children a safe and loving home. Morena Children’s Village was established in 2008 with 18 children housed in a dilapidated building. Ms Lwate lives out the line of the JCI Creed, “That service to humanity is the best work of life” in her daily struggle to provide for the now 32 children who are the most vulnerable in society including children who were abandoned because they are HIV positive, children borne from unwanted pregnancies and dumped in plastic bags. 

The vision of Morena Children’s Village is to provide orphaned and vulnerable children with a warm and loving safe home. Ms Lwate has drawn inspiration from her own life experience of growing up in destitution, squalor and contrition to be God’s instrument to service the most vulnerable and downtrodden peoples in our society. To those she tenders care and love to is regarded as their source of hope and encouragement not to give up in life. She’s everything to the lives of these children she provides shelter whom majority of them, just like herself have no wherewithal of both locating and finding their biological parents and or relatives for possible reunions. 

After years of operating in a dilapidated building with temporary fencing surrounding most of the compound, relying on solar electricity and had to pay for a 5000 liters’ tank delivery of water, with limited beds number and blankets that had to be shared to accommodate all children within the centre. Dithoriso’s endless sleepless nights came to an end when she received a permanent intervention to her most pressing problems about the centre which came from the Japanese embassy. The embassy helped erect a new permanent well-furnished structure with perimeter fencing, power supply and borehole system. Ms Lwate has not let her disadvantaged upbringing deprive her an opportunity to see the school walls and amass knowledge. She holds a diploma in hospitality and is a qualified professional chef. 

Dithoriso has demonstrated that anyone can can improve the lives of those around them and her tenacious spirit has resulted in Morena Children’s Village growing from strength to strength. She has endured the most difficult of circumstances in her own life, which prompted her to do everything in her power to thwart other children to experience such suffering.