David Kabwa

Political, Legal and/or Governmental Affairs

Moyowabo David Kabwa was born on 22 June 1997 in South Africa. David holds a numberof leadership position across different fields. He is the 2020 Student Representative Council (SRC) President, a position he contested without affiliating to any of the traditional factions of the African National Congress (ANC), Democratic Alliance (DA) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

In addition, David was, in 2019, appointed as the first ever African based Prime Minister of the Commonwealth Youth Parliament. He also Chairs the Minimum Wage Commission in the youth sector Parliament in South Africa. David is the first ever SRC President of the University of Pretoria to be re-elected for a second successive term. Amongst his achievements, David is the recipient of the prestigious Melen Foundation Scholarship.

He was recognized by the University of Pretoria as the 2019 Most Outstanding SRC Member. David’s leadership journey has been nothing short of brilliance. His track record has proven that successful leadership stems from commitment to stewardship. His role as the first ever African based Prime Minister of the Commonwealth Youth Parliament shows how influential his leadership work has been. To oust candidates from the European Union, Africa and Asia shows that accredited servants will always end up as acclaimed leaders. Furthermore, as the chairperson of the Minimum Wage Commission, he boasts as the only South African to have served as both the Children’s and Youth Parliaments. He subsequently uplifted 30 other students to serve in different positions in the Youth Parliament.

He further exposed other Students in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature to observe meetings conducted by the Finance Portfolio Committee. David sets an example for Young People in South Africa. Student politics is a hotly contested and coveted arena in the Country. For David to not affiliate to any student organization and triumph his counterparts for the Presidency position for two successive terms is unheard of. Indeed, David’s journey is a quintessence that one cannot truly serve and not end up as an outstanding leader.